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Bespoke Design and Manufacture

Knockando Woolmill offers a bespoke design and manufacturing service for tweeds, tartans and woven accessories.

Customers wishing to have a unique pattern made especially for them are welcome to discuss their ideas with our designer. As part of our design service sample CADS are provided.


Bespoke individual tartans can be created and woven to celebrate an anniversary, new family name or event. Family setts and significant colours can be incorporated to make a truly personal tartan.

Corporate clients can include brand colours and develop a unique tartan identity for their company.


Bespoke, unique tweed fabric can be designed and woven for a range of uses. As with our bespoke tartan design and production, specific colour ideas and patterns can be included in your design. Tweed cloth can be used for home furnishings, upholstery, clothing and accessories.

Contact us at <> to enquire about your own bespoke tartan and tweed design. 


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