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Cameras, Lights, Action…

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It’s been all go at the Mill with a crew from Scotland’s top farming and countryside programme filming on-site.
BBC’s Landward series visited Knockando to film a feature on our 120 year old Victorian Dobcross Loom renovation project. The team were fascinated to hear about the significance of the working loom which is known to be the oldest one of its kind in Europe.


Our Chairman Nicola Irwin was interviewed along-with London weaver Daniel Harris who’s been back up at the Mill to complete some of the final refurbishment work.  Landward were here to learn more about the history and workings of our 1899 loom and captured footage of the Dobcross in action. 

Knockando Woolmill is the last surviving local industrial woolmill on the British mainland, which is why it is so historically significant and the reason for the A-listing not only of the site but also of the machinery.   Watching the historic machinery at work, not just the Dobcross looms but also our carding set and spinning mule, is what brings visitors to the Mill.   It is fantastic that BBC Landward is able to showcase to such a wide audience the craftsmanship involved in producing our cloth and collections.

Our feature is scheduled to air on Thursday 31st October so please keep tuned in to avoid missing it.  If you’d like to come along and view our Victorian Dobcross Loom for yourself, our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.

Until then, we’ll keep weaving…

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