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What is Geelong Lambswool?

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Comparable to cashmere for its warmth and luxurious soft handle, Geelong Lambswool is an elegant, comfortable and practical yarn - lambswool refers to wool which is 50 mm or shorter from the first shearing of a sheep at age of seven months.

We chose this type of yarn for our upcoming range of scarves and throws as, due to its finest micron (averaging at 19.5), it is one of the most sought after lambswool in the world. Micron is the measurement used to express the diameter of wool fibre.

Traditionally produced from a large species of Merino sheep in Geelong, Australia, only a small percentage of all Merino lambswool can be classified as Geelong. This makes Geelong Lambswool an exclusive product in todays luxury market.

Nowadays, the geographical location of Geelong sheep is not finite, but the softness and handle remains.

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