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Production at the Woolmill - Spinning

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The rovings from the carding set need to be twisted to produce yarn. At the Woolmill this is done on a spinning Mule.

Rovings are fed through delivery rollers on to the 120 spindles on the mule carriage. As the carriage advances, the rovings are drawn out and the fast turning spindles insert twists to produce a strong thread. As the carriage returns, the treads are wound on to bobbins mounted on the spindles and the process is repeated until full cops of yarn are produced.

Once spun, the yarn can be used for weaving, plyed together to make thicker yarn, or be hanked into knitting yarn, The majority of our carded and spun wool is hanked into undyed and natural dyed knitting yarn.

Our range of knitting yarn is available to purchase via our online shop. Prices start from £9.50 for a 100g hank of undyed wool. 

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