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Tweed | A Living Tradition

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Tweed is a woven, woollen, generally heavyweight fabric that takes inspiration from the Scottish landscape and scenery.

The word Tweed derives from the Scots word Tweed or Twill, a type of weave common to the cloth. According to legend, the name "Tweed" is the result of a copying error in the 19th century! A London cloth merchant misread the Scottish word Twill as Tweed...

Thousands of different patterns exist, and the possibilities are endless for new ones. Some of the main tweed patterns include: Glencheck, Herringbone, Houndstooth, and Overcheck.



The robust fabric is both water and wind resistant, which makes it the standard wear in Scotland for moorland shooting, fly-fishing and other country sporting activities. It is important that the design and colours blend into the landscape to provide camouflage.

Estate tweed started as a Scottish phenomenon in the 1840s but has since spread to other countries across the world.

Tweed has been at the heart of the Woolmill's production for many years. Our hard-wearing fabric is made to endure the rigours of outdoor pursuits but is equally practical in the home for upholstery, curtains and even as carpeting.


Strathspey Tweed 'Fada' laid as carpet for a customer's study.


Strathspey Tweed 'Ben Aden' chair

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