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Knock and Enter

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Knock and Enter
Nocturne, Winter Issue 2018

"This is mainland Britain's last local industrial Woolmill, yet its traditions were almost lost after decades of decline and under-investment.

Named after the fast-flowing burn beside it, Knockando was originally listed as the Waulk Mill in local parish records from 1784. This compact croft was home to three multigenerational families, and its home-spun manufacturing wouldn't have seemed unusual in an era of cottage industries. 

Local mill abounded in rural commented during the 19th century, many of which would haven been flour mills. The flocks of sheep populating this hilly countryside northwest of the Cairngorms were ofter sheared out of necessity, with the wool being carded, spun and woven into blankets. Knockando's output would have kept generations of local residents warm during bitterly cold Highland winters.

Mass production techniques in the 20th century threatened to spell the end for district mills like Knockando. In 1974, the mill was sold to a young Londoner, who singlehandedly maintained time-honoured craft skills of weaving tweeds and tartan. However, the buildings grew ramshackle and the machinery slowly decayed."

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