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Moray Rocks - Fun for All the Family

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"The idea is to decorate rocks found in nature and hide them in various locations to brighten someone’s day. You can use whatever you like to decorate them- as long as it has a coat of sealer over it to help preserve the art."

This cute and fun activity is happening throughout Moray!

Here's how it works..

Step 1: If you find a painted rock when you are exploring Moray-Speyside take a photo.

Step 2: Post the photo on the Facebook Group Moray Rocks or post it on Instagram using #morayrocks

Step 3:  Rehide the rock in a different location for someone else to find, or "if you find a piece of art that you can’t bear to part with then please feel free to keep it."

Step 4: Keep a lookout on the group or follow the hashtag to see who finds it next!

"This is meant to be fun for everyone of all ages and abilities. Get creative and get outside!"

If you would like more information, please click here.

We have painted three rocks and have hidden them in the Woolmill Garden. Will you be the first person to find them?

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