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Weaving for Pluscarden Abbey

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We are currently producing cloth for Pluscarden Abbey

"Situated six miles south-west of Elgin in Moray, the monastery enjoys the peace and stillness of a secluded glen, but is easily reached by road from the town. The atmosphere of quiet reflection and of work dedicated to the glory of God is the same now as it was in the thirteenth century, when a community of monks first came to this part of Moray."

The cloth woven at the Woolmill will be made into habits for the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey.

"The visitor to Pluscarden will perhaps be surprised to see the white habit instead of the more usual Benedictine black. The privilege of wearing white is inherited from the Prinknash community from which Pluscarden was founded in 1948, and who in turn received it from the original foundation on Caldey Island."

Warping is the preparation of the warp threads (known as ends) which run vertically from the top to bottom of a piece of fabric. The threads are set out in a pre-determined colour pattern - the number of threads in the warp varies according to the fineness of the yarn and the density and width of the fabric required.

When the warp is ready, it is wound onto a circular beam and 'drawn' through individual heddles on shafts (pictured below). These shafts are raised and lowered in the loom to determine the warp and weft interlacing.
Weaving is the introduction of the weft yarn, known as picks which run horizontally across the fabric.

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