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Dalrachie Escapees!

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As you may know, we have been busy carding and spinning wool from North Country Hill Cheviot Ewes from nearby Dalrachie Farm.

The ewes were born, bred and raised on the rugged hills of Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. Dalrachie farm, which is only 12 miles from the Woolmill, buys the ewes when they are 5 years old and expects at least two more crops of lambs from the ewes.

Sourcing the wool directly from the farm means we can follow the journey from lamb to skein, and helps us ensure we are producing a sustainable product of the highest quality possible.

Processing wool from local North Country Cheviot sheep carries on a 230 year tradition that has been at the heart of our district mill for generations. 

Processing the local wool on our on Grade A listed machinery dating from 1870 - 1910 has been hassle free... until now.

Woolmill staff arrived bright and early at the Woolmill this morning for another busy day, however something caught their eye. 

The North Country Cheviot ewes have escaped from Dalrachie and they are on a mission to get their wool back from us!

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