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Production at the Woolmill - Weaving

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Weaving is the introduction of the weft yarn, known as picks which run horizontally across the fabric. At Knockando Woolmill weaving is carried out on our Dornier Rapier looms and Victorian Dobcross loom.

Dobcross Looms were the work horses of textile manufacturing in industrial Britain. With over a million of these machines made, those at Knockando Woolmill are early examples dating back to 1896 and 1899. Our 1899 Dobcross is thought to be one of the oldest looms still working in Scotland today.

We believe they were bought from the Laidlaw’s mill in Keith – the Smiths and the Laidlaws were friends and you can see an interesting photograph of them in our visitor centre.

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One of the unique features of shuttle woven cloth is the perfect selvedge that is created down the side of the cloth which makes it ideal fabric for kilting. It forms the bottom edge of the kilt without the need to turn a hem.

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